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Quincy Leonard Owner of LEO Golf Academy

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RRJ:  When did God first reveal to you your need for Christ’s atoning work?





Quincy:  Growing up in a Christian household, I learned about the sacrifice that Christ made for us. I always had an awareness of right and wrong and felt the need to repent when I did something that wasn’t lined up with what my parents taught me.



RRJ:  How has your life changed since that point?


Quincy:  As I got older I realized that some of my actions weren’t pleasing to God. Once I became a husband and father, I made the decision to fully welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I began making a conscious effort to humbly and consistently seek God in my everyday activities. My new spiritual outlook and journey has opened the doors to so many blessings for my family. Since that time my wife has opened Cupcakes by Tish; our son, Ahlias, is one of the top junior golfers in Alabama; our daughter, Lauryn, is currently ranked 8th in the nation among golfers her age (she is a 2016 Drive, Chip, & Putt National Finalist and was featured live on the Golf Channel competing at the Masters in Augusta, GA). And now I have founded The LEO Golf Academy.



RRJ:  What would you say has made the biggest impact on your Christian maturity?


Quincy:  My Christian maturity was greatly affected in 2008 when I experienced a “brush with death”. I was driving along I-65 with my family at about 65-70 mph when the tire blew out. I lost control of the car and we went spinning into oncoming traffic. The next thing I knew, we had spiraled into a 10 foot fall before the car stopped. No one was hurt, not a single scratch. I was so grateful for God’s mercy!  That moment forever altered my perspective on life. I realized that God was using the accident to get my attention and speak to me about truly living for Christ in all areas of my life.  I experienced how much power the Lord actually had over my life and knew that He had a bigger purpose for me.



RRJ:  You and your wife are a powerful team at your two local businesses, Cupcakes by Tish and LEO Golf Academy.  How beneficial is it having a godly spouse by your side in business and all of life?


Quincy:  God’s Word says that “Whosoever findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22). I am grateful to have found a wife who exemplifies this scripture. It is truly a blessing to have a loving and God-fearing wife by my side. Tish has an enormous amount of faith in the promises of God –enough for the  both of us, at times. Her unwavering faith is amazing and very encouraging. It keeps me going and I believe it is the key to our marriage. We support one another 100% in everything, especially our businesses and community involvement.  Our walk together with Christ has definitely strengthened our marriage and enables us to be better at parenting as well. (Amos 3:3: “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”)



RRJ:  Of course, there’s another member of your team – God.  How do you put God on display through your businesses?


Quincy:  God is on display at all times at LEO Golf Academy through my interactions with the kids, our session activities, and maintaining a positive atmosphere. Our motto is “LEO Golf Academy…Where Champions Are Born Again,” which includes a biblical reference to being “born again”. Kids are very impressionable so having godly role models and Christian influences is a necessity. This is why I have made it my mission to be a role model they can look to for guidance and support. I am constantly encouraging my students by incorporating godly principles throughout every training session. Members of the Academy are referred to as Champions instead of students, teaching them that they “can do ALL things through Christ.”



RRJ: While running your businesses, what is a specific struggle that you have to lay before the Lord?


Quincy: There is a constant struggle with time management. It’s very difficult to divide my time between my family, my church and my two businesses (Cupcakes by Tish & LEO Golf Academy). Because I am passionate about all of these areas, all of my time has become dedicated to the success of each one.



RRJ:  What advice would you give our readers looking for encouragement for living out their faith 24/7?


Quincy:  Understand the divine purpose that God has for YOUR life. Discover the spiritual gifts that God has given you and then utilize those gifts to help build the Kingdom of God. This is accomplished by first seeking God and all of His righteousness. You just have to stay strong and never give up on your dreams.



Quincy L. Leonard, LEO Golf Academy Founder, has more than 20 years of golfing experience and has been coaching youth golf for the past 8 years. He has coached several junior golfers in the Montgomery area using the US Kids Golf Level Learning Program. In addition to LEO Golf, Quincy is also the current Golf Instructor at Valiant Cross Academy and a Computer Analyst Manager for the State of Alabama. He and his wife Tish have one son, Quincy Ahlias (age 11) and two daughters: Lauryn Olivia (age 9) and London Moriyah (age 5). Quincy is a very active member of St. Paul AME Church.



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