June 2023 Issue

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Student & School Spotlights June AOP

June 2023 Student Spotlights

Every month we compile a list of students doing great things across the Wiregrass.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Wiregrass Parents joins with their families and [...]
Dinner's Ready Jana Gwin AOP June

Dinner’s Ready: Jana Gwin’s Tortellini Soup

“DoorDash does most of the cooking at our house,” shares Jana Gwin, light heartedly. “If anyone is cooking, it is me, but with our busy schedules we keep it simple […]

Mom to Mom June AOP

Mom to Mom with Brooke Harris

AOP: We are so excited to have you as our Mom 2 Mom feature for June. Tell us about your family! BH: My husband Lee and I met in college […]

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From the Publisher – June 2023

Welcome to East Alabama… your new home on The Plains! You and your family have settled into a wonderful place to live, raise your family, and grow your business. Auburn […]

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Teens and Screens June 23

Let’s Talk Algorithms! And How They Impact Our Kids

Let’s talk algorithms! They play a huge part in why your kids do what they do with their social media. They honestly affect anyone that is using social media. Algorithms […]

Dave Says GenZ and Millennials June

Gen Zers and Millennialsin the Workforce

Q. I am the managing partner of a family business. We would like to add to our team, but I’m worried we can’t try to hold millennials and Gen Zers […]

7 Effective Tips for Moving Into a New House with Kids from a Military Spouse

7 Effective Tips for Moving Into a New House with Kids (from a Military Spouse)

As a military spouse, I have moveda handful of times with and without kids. In the last year and a half alone, we have relocated three different times… with kids. […]

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Dad

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Dad

Every dad needs reminders of how much he is loved and valued.While you don’t want to forgot the handmade cards and the offbeat kid ideas, these 10 ways to celebrate […]

health AOP June 23

Doing the Things You Want to Do

sponsored by Cornerstone Family Chiropractic “The pain hurts all day at work…”, “I cannot turn my neck, and it’s affecting my golf game…”, “I’d give anything to be able to […]

Meeting Kids Where they Are June 23

Raising Empathetic Kids

Everyone has two types of friends. One friend will listen to your issues, but is just there for you to vent. The other is a friend who is able to […]

AOP Kids Health Proactive Reactive May23

Reactive or Proactive?

sponsored by Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Is our “health care” in a good place? According to the World Health Organization, the United States is ranked 72nd in overall health and 43rd […]

Teens and Screens May 23

Chat GPT: What Do Parents Need to Know?

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence model trained to generate human-like responses to text-based conversations. It is a language model that can understand human language and create […]

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