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Mason Kocher, Owner Kocher Building Materials

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RRJ: People who don’t know you are probably still familiar with your name since it’s often wrapped around buildings under construction in the area.  Tell us about what you do.



I have a building materials business that supplies lumber, millwork, windows, and doors to contractors and homeowners in the River Region.


RRJ: What do you enjoy most about your job? 


My job is never dull and I enjoy getting to interact with many different people.  Every customer seems to have a different goal, and I try to help them achieve it, at least when it comes to choosing building materials.


RRJ: Your industry was hit hard when the housing market turned a few years ago. What role did your Christian faith play in how you handled all the changes you and your company faced? 


Everyone associated with the construction industry has been hit hard over the past seven years.  Fortunately, God has allowed me to realize what “daily bread” is and is not.  I have had to look to Him each day to bring not only the business but the strength to do the job he has given me.  He’s allowed me to recognize what is really important in life and to have joy in simple pleasures.    


RRJ: Life isn’t easy and every one of us goes through hard seasons. Did any new “life pillars” come out of your trial that you can share with our readers? 


Many Christians use Ephesians 2:8-9 as a pillar, “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not of your own doing, it is the gift of God, not a result of work that no one may boast.”  I never wanted to look at verse 10 and acknowledge that God created us for specific good works and we should walk in them.  It lets me know that God has us where we are for a reason. We can be used and He can be glorified even in tough times.  I have learned to hold the things of this world with an open palm and ask God what he wants us to do with the gifts and resources he has given us to further the kingdom.  We all have talents and gifts to give.  Sometimes it is a large monetary gift, sometimes it is a listening ear.  God is pleased with both. 


RRJ: Sometimes people try to separate their business life from their faith life, but God calls us to live out our faith and to be His ambassadors wherever He has placed us.  It’s encouraging to see how your company has brought the two together in working with Strong Tower Church in the Washington Park neighborhood.  Can you tell us about your partnership?


Terrence Jones, pastor at Strong Tower, has been a wonderful resource for me. He has helped me wade though some sticky situations as I try to mentor my employees.  He has also mentored men in the neighborhood who have become great employees for me.


RRJ: Is this something other businesses can get involved in as well?


I think we underestimate the value and dignity that having a job can provide.  We would love to see other businesses partner with us to provide jobs for men who have completed a mentoring program. 


RRJ: Finally, as a Christian leading your company in the marketplace, are there any regular habits you use to garner the strength to meet this calling?  


I realize that I must stay fed from God’s word and spend time in prayer.  I would add that I don’t spend enough time in worship, not just on Sunday morning, but daily thanking God for whatever circumstance he has for me today.



Mason lives in Montgomery with wife, Alex, and their two daughters.  He is an elder at Young Meadows Presbyterian Church.




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